Set Sail

Zephyr: Winds of Change is a cooperative modular tabletop adventure. Players take on the role of an airship captain recently recruited to a band of vigilantes who call themselves "Zephyr". Members of this rag tag group do what they can to keep the hordes of pirates in check and protect their neighbors from harm. Looking to earn the renown due to a captain of your stature, you will take on dangerous missions to gain both their rewards and the satisfaction of justice.

Your Journey

Each day in your travels, you will encounter unique events and discover onboard mishaps, valuable salvage or even vicious enemy ships. Through collecting scrap, ship systems and crew you will increase the effectiveness of your ship and outfit yourself with unique abilities. Captains must do their best to prepare themselves for enemies will be ready to battle you at every turn.

Zephyr is a fully modular board game. This means that every component is designed to combine with other components to create unique events, settings and abilities each time you play. For instance crew members are hired from one of the available factions, which gives them their base ability, and they receive a random personality which gives an additional ability. This set of components alone allows for 320 possibilities of crew members. Before each game players set up the warlord. Defeating this powerful enemy is the game's main objective. Every part of the game is modular creating an astounding amount of possibilities.

Battle Decks

Outfit Your Ship

Each of the ships players may choose bring a set of unique abilities through their own specific battle deck. This set of cards is used in combat to present a captain with the actions available to him or her at a given moment. Upgrading your ships systems may give you the edge you need to achieve victory. Though you can purchase the necessary weapons to inflict major damage or engines to pull off miraculous aerial maneuvers the most sought after loot must be won by completing difficult assignments or defeating enemy commanders. These items are added to a ship’s battle deck, and through this deck building mechanic players can adapt their ship to their own unique strategy. As the captain, you know your own ship and can perform any job type onboard. However, you are only one person. Hiring crew members will allow you to take more actions in a given phase as well as provide unique abilities that can be utilized in or outside of battle. Outfitting your ship to face all the violence a warlord may command will take a combination of ship systems, hull upgrades, and crew members to execute your strategy and achieve victory.

Play the Zephyr Demo

You can also check out a demo of Zephyr: Winds of Change on Tabletop Simulator. Click Here to learn more.

In The Box

What is included in Zephyr:Winds of Change? Here is a short list of all the supplies you will find in the game

  • 4 Ship mats
  • 4 Ship Standups
  • 4 Battle Decks (10 Cards Each)
  • 4 Ship Tokens
  • 50 Ship System Tokens
  • 50 Ship System Cards
  • 16 Crew Faction Cards
  • 20 Crew Personality Cards
  • 10 Region Cards
  • 10 Assignment Cards
  • 100 Exploration Cards
  • 10 Enemy Ship Cards
  • 10 Enemy Commander Cards
  • 5 Warlord Personality Cards
  • 10 Warlord Ability Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 60 Wooden Markers
  • 4 6 Sided Dice