Production Progress
To keep all our supporters informed of the progress of the overall project as well as their individual items we present, the "Production Progress Dashboard". Below you will find the current state of the Zephyr board game broken down into the progress of each set of tasks.
Early Development
Initial concept documents and project outline
Status: Complete
Artwork outline and initial style concepts
Status: Complete
Design and balance core components for base game
Status: Complete
Basic artwork designs for all core components
Status: Complete
Alpha play testing phase
Status: Complete
Alpha goal assessment and rework
Status: Complete
Initial Design and balance for first 2 expansions
Status: Complete
Create prototype artwork for all components
Status: Complete
Beta play testing phase
Status: Complete
Beta goal assessment and rework
Status: Complete
Final artwork for core components
Status: In Progress
Design and prototype miniatures for stretch goal
Status: Complete
Final play testing and balance phase
Status: Complete
Finalize expansions
Status: In Progress
Final Proofread on all core components
Status: In Progress
Final prep for print
Status: In Progress
Custom Supporter Content
Recruit Supporter Content
Navigator Supporter Content
Mechanic Supporter Content
Outlaw Supporter Content
Part of the Crew Supporter Content
Warlord Supporter Content
Band of Misfit Supporter Content
Legendary Captain Supporter Content
In Progress
Crowd Funding
Artwork Finalization and Proofing (4-12 weeks)
Pre-Production(8-10 weeks)
Production(8-10 weeks)
Shipping(2-6 weeks)

1. Crowd Funding

Our crowd funding campaign has no end date set. We will work as long and hard as it takes to make this project a success. With this in mind, the ship date for the game will fluctuate with the date that we reach our goal.

2. Artwork Finalization (4 to 12 weeks)

Once we reach our goal we will move into the artwork finalization and proofing phase. During this phase we will ensure all community driven content is complete and ready for print and all of the content has been reviewed one last time. This time fluctuation for this phase will be pretty high as we will be working on customizations during the entire campaign as they come in. This may put us ahead of schedule dependent on how quickly we reach our goal. Once we enter this phase we will leave the perk levels open for the first 2 the weeks to allow any last-minute supporters join as well as to allow time reach any stretch goals.

3. Pre-Production (8 to 10 weeks)

We will submit all files to the printer and work with them through a series of printed proofs to ensure the quality of the game.

4. Production (8 to 10 weeks)

Once we approve all materials the printer will begin actual production of the game.

5. Shipping (2 to 6 weeks)

During this phase the games will be shipped from the printed to the shipping fulfilment center. This is the last leg of the process and you can expect to start seeing games in 2 to 4 weeks.